food is not your frenemy.

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We are taking new consultations now for those interested in joining our next 8-week cycle which begins September 12. Space is filling up fast so sign up today for a consultation to hold your spot and get started setting S.M.A.R.T. goals for your personal FREEDOM plan TODAY!

Life is about more than food and weight…

…but sometimes that can be hard to imagine.

We get it. 100% of our team is in recovery from eating issues. From overeating to chronic dieting, anorexia, bulimia, and everything in between, we’ve been there, done that, got the crappy t-shirt.

But we’re not there anymore. You don’t have to be either. Sign up for Lasting Freedom today and join a thriving community of women who have decided enough is enough.

YOU CAN BE FREE FROM EATING ISSUES. I hope you’ll take the “next right step” and join today.


Average Member Progress After 6 Weeks

(this could be YOU!)

More Hope for Freedom


Better Place with Eating Issues


Feel More Connected to Others


Making Better Decisions More Often


Growing Stronger in Faith


Learning New Things


Weekly Webinars with Awesome Guests!

Our weekly video lessons accelerate your physical, relational and spiritual growth. Learn from compassionate experts in areas of recovery, nutrition, body image and balanced theology, with the occasional recording artist thrown in for fun. Dr. John Townsend, Dr’s Les & Leslie Parrott, Elisa Morgan, Tammy Trent, Dr. Alicia Britt Chole, Lee Wolfe Blum, Margot Starbuck, Emily Wierenga, Teasi Cannon and recording artists Holly Starr and Jimmy Needham are just a few of our guests so far!



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Weekly Group Meetings

24/7 Peer-Support via Private Online Community


Personalized Freedom Trackers

At the end of each cycle discover how your scores have changed with regard to Eating Attitudes, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem and General Health. Customized Freedom Trackers include personal notes from your facilitator to help you identify areas of challenge, and celebrate areas of growth.



High Value, Low Price

Costs less than your Starbucks habit & will increase effectiveness of other recovery efforts.

Facilitated with Excellence

Trained group facilitators include licensed professionals and peer-leaders walking in active recovery.

Private and Confidential

Not connected to outside social media platforms. All members sign confidentiality agreements.

Access from Anywhere!

All you need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet to participate.


Grow in your faith through grace-based Christian teaching, encouragement and support.


End isolation and find hope in knowing you’re not alone in your quest for freedom.

Since joining your online program, my HOPE for recovery has increased, my RELATIONSHIP with God has grown closer, and I feel more CONNECTED through the community you offer. Thank you!

Teresa F.

My Freedom Team group has given me a solid base of support for getting through the days and weeks without a relapse to my old eating issues. It is keeping me focused on The One who loves me more than I can love myself, and there is always someone to respond if you are feeling desperate - like a personal line to help & freedom.
I love that fact!

Amy S.

I ate one cookie today! On purpose I chose to have one cookie after a meal. And I stopped! I actually enjoyed it with no guilt and one was enough. I was intentionally grateful and I was satisfied.
Do u have any idea how amazing this is?

Debbie W.

Meet the core team…


Founder & CEO, FINDINGbalance

I host the weekly webinars and do lots of behind-the-scenes things to ensure you have the best experience possible.


Director, Member Services

In our consultation I look forward to hearing your story, setting goals, and praying together about this next step in your journey!


Lasting Freedom Moderator

I help ensure the online community stays healthy and vibrant. And I love being on the journey with everyone too!